Mark Laurie

Mark Laurie will kick your ass if you don't eat your vegetables

Founder and Head Coach, Mark, has a BSc Honours degree in Sport and Exercise Science.  He also holds a list of additional industry certificates which include Sports Massage, Level 2 Strength & Conditioning and SFA coaching badges.

Mark began his journey into sport and fitness at the age of 27.  A unique blend of life and work experience helped him set about determining a new career path for himself.  At college then university he studied the underpinning theories and applied them practically in various positions such as a gym instructor, freelance strength and conditioning coach and club sport scientist.

Mark is experienced in athletically developing varying levels of athletes and performers from different sports and disciplines.  His athlete-minded coaching style and being approachable are two coaching qualities that Mark prides himself on. He is big on incorporating injury prevention exercises (pre-habilitation) in his coaching sessions.  Mark also has successful experience in the rehabilitation of individuals (including himself) who have unfortunately suffered injuries such as ligament ruptures and bone fractures.

Personally, Mark takes his own training seriously.  He likes to try out techniques, programmes and drills himself before delivering them to athletes.  “I think it’s important to be able to demonstrate well when I’m coaching….and to know how it feels for the participants.”  He mostly performs Olympic & strength lifts, running – from road runs to sprint sessions and core muscle exercises. Occasionally Mark will throw in some circuit training whenever he “..feels the need.”  In particular, Mark is said to be ‘partial to a wee deadlift.’

Professional philosophy? ‘Build the foundations, then build the house.’ This was something said by a college lecturer who was a major influence on Mark. It stuck with him and although the depth of knowledge behind the philosophy continues to grow, that simple sentence “..sums it up nicely.”