How We Started

From what began as an idea of mine while I was at college, Specific is now real.

When I picked up a barbell at the age of about 27, I didn’t think it would be as much of a life-changing moment as it was.  I decided to take a quite a few steps back to go forward. I became a ‘mature’ college student to learn more about fitness. When college finished, I wasn’t. Three years later (and at the tender age of 33) I had an Honours degree in Sport & Exercise Science and plenty of practical coaching experience.  Limited suitable opportunities (Pep and Jose never did phone me) meant that I had nowhere to fully deliver my philosophy.

So I went back to a college project – a strength and conditioning facility called Specific – and made a big decision to turn it into a reality. I wanted to open somewhere that was more a gym. Somewhere I could deliver my style of coaching and programming without restriction of someone else’s rules and politics. Somewhere people followed a coach led progressive structure of programming, where would be tested to provide a tangible record of development.

After a long learning curve filled with lots of meetings, difficult decisions, hard work and frustrating moments, I opened the doors of Specific to the Glasgow public in February 2016. I thought that was the hard part over but it was just the warm up of the learning curve.

Anyway, I hope you like the place.


Mark Laurie

Founder/Head Coach/Head Cleaner