Proper Rehab

Have you….

  • Done your ligaments?
  • Suffered a bone fracture?

Do you…

  • Constantly get daft wee niggles?
  • Regularly pull your groin or hamstrings?

By allowing us to take control of your rehab we will get you to full strength in the most efficient time possible – without rushing you.

When it comes to back pain or regular muscle strains we do more than tell you to rest and stretch. We’ll get hands on to identify the root cause of the issue and set about returning you to pain-free normality.

This is a totally unique group rehab service for anyone who’s suffered a leg injury, like a bone fracture or ligament rupture.

Listen, we don’t play at it here. We take our work seriously and commit to getting you to full strength – probably feeling stronger than you were before your injury – in the best time possible.

We won’t rush anything but we won’t let you drag your heels either. We don’t want you on our Proper Rehab programme for any longer than you need to be, so we will be on your case to make sure you work well during all three sessions every week and follow the script outside of here.

Check our instagram (tap the icons) for reviews and success stories of those who’ve completed Proper Rehab and are back playing.

There’ll only be a maximum of six members on the sessions to make sure you get the attention you need.

Fancy getting sorted?

  • If you send a message to request a call back, we’ll have a talk on the phone to get more information from you.
  • If everything suits, we’ll ask you to book in for a consultation to physically assess you.
  • After this you’ll be asked to book your place on the Proper Rehab sessions
  • You’ll be assigned a programme to suit you and we’ll get cracking on fixing you.

Session times: Monday to Friday at 7:30pm, Saturday 9am.

Membership: £150 per month – paid by monthly direct debit.