The Way We Work

We don’t have any secrets or shortcuts to getting results, because there aren’t any. It’s all about self-discipline and hard work. We focus on building from the basics and fundamentals before progressing. We correct how your body functions and strengthen it for life, work and sport.

Get you moving better – As we get older we learn laziness which leads to lots of health issues. Watch how a toddler sits in a high chair and plays with or picks toys up from the floor.  We often slouch when we sit (which we do far too much) and we tend to bend over to pick up something rather sit down with our backside close to our heels. This behaviour causes problems but we’ll show you how to sort them.

Injury Prevention – Non-contact injuries such as ankle sprains and muscle strains can be avoided. The majority of these injuries are down to poor muscle function – weakness and tightness in layman’s terms. We apply simple techniques to reduce your risk of these injuries.

Strength – Being strong doesn’t necessarily mean having big bulky muscle.  Being strong reduces your chances of injury, makes you quicker and harder to beat. We coach you to ensure technique in the fundamental movements, holds and lifts is bang on. Once this is achieved we’ll progress you appropriately.

Power – For sport this will help you hit harder, move quicker and jump higher.  For life, it’s just good fun training to master the complexity of the Olympic lifts, for example.

Post-Injury Rehab – Unfortunately injuries do happen. From recurring niggling injuries,  lower back pain, or even bone a fracture or ruptured ligament, we can work to get you back to full fitness and function.