Youth Train&Gain

Our aim is to build today’s youths like they used to……if you get what we mean?!

Whether it’s to;

  • reduce your precious wee one’s risk of injury
  • add that wee missing edge to their sport performance
  • or even just get them off the games consoles or streets!

By joining the Specific squad, your wee one will become quicker off the mark, hit harder, tackle stronger, jump higher and win more!

Please contact us to arrange a taster session.


They can’t be too young to get injured, so they’re not too young for injury reduction training.

Young people who play sport SHOULD BE strength training to reduce the risk of injury. Without strong (not necessarily big) muscles, they run the risk of ligament injuries, such as ACL ruptures.

No one wants their precious wee one getting injured.

Click the link to watch a Sports Coach UK and Sport Scotland video which explains this area well.  Watch the video.


We know it’s hectic running about after the kids, so you can change what days suit you best from week to week.

Sessions run Monday to Friday, 4:30pm-5:30pm & 5:30pm-6:30pm.

Numbers on sessions are limited to eight athletes to ensure quality in the sessions, so places must be booked in advance.

Age: 11 years old and upwards.


Membership Options – all paid by automatic monthly card transaction.

  • One session per week – £60 per month
  • Two sessions per week – £80 per month

Please contact us with any queries (no such thing as a stupid question).